Friday, May 13, 2005

Some knitting terminology for the lay-person

DB n. Dear Boyfriend.
My DB is so tolerant of my ever growing stash. I love him so much.

DPNs n. Double Pointed Needles. Short knitting needles with a point on either end used for knitting in the round (esp. socks).
I need to learn how to knit with DPNs so that I can start some serious sock knitting.

circs n. Circular needles. Knitting needles consisting of two shorter points connected by a length of plastic. Used for knitting larger objects in the round (esp. sweaters).
I hate having to unwind the chord on my circs.

FO n. Finished Object(s).
Pearl has 5 FOs already this year! She sure is a speedy knitter!

KIP v. Knit In Public.
Pearl and the girls all go KIPing at the Jazz Cafe every Thursday.

LYS n. Local Yarn Shop.
I just love it when my LYS has sales on Rowan yarns!

SABLE v. Stash Aquisition Beyond Life Expectation. The practice of buying more yarn than could be used in the knitter's life time.
I just can't help myself! I believe I've officially SABLEed at my LYS's last yarn sale

stash n. Any yarn that a knitter owns that is not currently being used in a project.
Pearl made this afghan entirely from yarn in my stash. What willpower she has!

UFO n. Unfinished Object(s).
My oldest UFO is only a year old.

WIP n. Work in Progress. Also known as "on the needles".
I currently have 4 WIPs. That's not that many, right?


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