Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ever have to knit something that you just didn't want to?

I'm currently knitting a neck warmer for a friend. He's paying me for my efforts, so I really shouldn't complain, but it's taking me so long simply because I don't want to do it! The nasty acrylic yarn is so rough I can barely stand to touch it! I'm definitely giving the remaining yarn away when it's finished. Luckily, there is a deadline; the deadline being ASAP. I'm leaving for home in a week and I have to give it to him before I go. *sigh*

On a brighter note, I've been crocheting the cover project from the May issue of Knitting Magazine. It's a mint green cotton fishnet tank top. I did most of it on various trains around Europe on my recent 4countries in 16 days tour - a graduation gift from my parents. It was a perfect project to do on vacation because it's only done it two pieces and small enough to fit in the little reusable drawstring bag I got from an order I made from Brit Knit Kits . I finished the front and am now almost done the back. This will be my very first completed crocheted garment (well, garment larger than a preemie sweater, anyway).

Unfortunately I won't be able to work on it much today. I really, REALLY have to start packing. Really. I haven't even dragged the suitcases out from under my bed yet. My main concern is getting all my yarn packed. A huge bag of yarn was graciously donated to me by a woman on the UK Handknitter's forum and I haven't even made a dent in it! I'm really looking forward to properly organizing my stash when I get home.

I also have to get working on a wedding sampler I've been making for my boyfriend's sister who is getting married in a few weeks (yikes!). I have everything done, except for the corners. In my originaly design I had shisha mirrors there, but thanks to a mix up when I ordered them that caused me to be sent the wrong size, combined with the fact that I've never embroidered shisha mirrors before and they've proven more difficult than I anticipated, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to put there. I think I'll give the mirrors one last try and if I still can't get it right I'll supstitute it with a blackwork design. Either way, it has to be done before I go home so we have time to get it framed before the wedding.



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