Monday, June 06, 2005

Dead and buried

Uusally I would say "Done and dusted", which is a British phrase I've picked up here that I quite like, but my loathing for this stupid neck warmer has grown beyond the use of such a homey expression. However, I can put it all behind me as it is now done! I even sewed up the sides and the loose ends (three cheers of Knitty's Theresa Vinson Stenerson and her technique for sewing in ends). Now that it's finished, lying crumpled and deflated on my desk top, I wonder what so antagonized me about it in the first place. Oh yah, that scratchy yarn. And the unending monotony of garter stitch.

I immediately texted the recipient to inform him it was done, only to receive a text back saying that he'd forgotten all about it and had returned to London for the summer. Figures.

I hope I didn't knit too many bad vibes into it. Aside from becoming really sick with the project really early on, the circumstances under which it was commisioned are less than stellar. It was commisioned to replace a neck warmer that this friend's girlfriend had knitted him and he'd lost. It was her first project. I tried to explain that she'd probably be able to tell the difference but he was adament. I hope I didn't break some knitter's code, "Thou shalt not replace a fellow knitter's piece". *sigh*



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