Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So much yarn, so little suitcase space!

I'm returning to Canada in less than a week and I am now faced with the ultimate challenge: packing. Despite the complete lack of a decent LYS in Leeds, I seem to have managed to amass a large quantity of some very fine yarn. This is largely due to gifts: my friend Kathryn sent me a box of assorted yarn for Christmas and a woman on the UK Handknitter's Yahoo! Forum gave me a huge black garbage bag full. This includes a lot of cotton DK (so I'm fairly well stocked for summer knitting!) and even a dozen balls of luscious Jaeger Merino in a really nice soft grey colour. Enough for a sweater, purhaps? I think it'll have to wait until the fall, knowing how hot it'll likely be when I arrive in Toronto!

Now it's just a matter of getting it all packed! I have to admit, I'm really bad a packing. Surprising for someone who is so good a Tetris! The slowest part right now is just sorting through everything, deciding what gets packed, what gets given away and what gets thrown out/recycled. My halls of residence doesn't have any recycling fascilities, so whenever I have a full bag of paper or glass bottles I have to take it all the way over to the Student Union (well, OK, just around the courner) and put it in the bins there. My DB keeps reassuring me that it will all fit, but I'm not so sure.


Welcome Secret Pal! I hope the little blog mix up has righted itself and everything is on track! Please remember to confirm my mailing address with me before you send anything, so nothing gets lost.


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