Monday, August 29, 2005

I hope Hyde is hiding...

...because the alternative is that he's got out. Which, by now, I'm sure is what happened. The new owner left two windows open that don't have screens and I can't find him anywhere. Sebastian is likely to hide all day in the same place and not be seen, but Hyde likes to wander around. It's unusual to go so long without seeing him (I know he's not in the attic because the door's been closed all day). I haven't even heard the sound the little bell on his collar makes. The main evidence that Hyde's not in the house is that Spirit spent a good hour lounging on the couch; if Hyde were around she'd have been sitting tensely on the inside door mat waiting to hiss and growl at him whenever he came by. The fact that Spirit was so relaxed means that Hyde is nowhere around.

I've gone out a number of times looking for him, but with all the piles of branches and contsruction material around my backyard, not to mention the great big dumpster at the end of the driveway, make it difficult to conduct a proper search. I've checked the basement which is accessible from outside in case he went down there, but there's nowhere left for him to hide down there; most of the walls have even been taken down. I've walked up and down my street checking under cars and in trees and put out an APB with the workers at the garden centre across the street to keep an eye out for him.

What makes matters worse, I have to have the cats and myself out of the house tonight so that the new owner can sand and stain all the floors. I have the cats set to go to a cat hotel in Mississauga, but I may only be dropping off 2 if I can't find Hyde. I almost couldn't get them in there at all because they were diagnosed with ear mites at the vet on Saturday. Of course, I had to be honest and tell the proprietress about it - she's got other people's cats there as well as her own and I'd hate for them to catch the mites. At first she declined to take them. She apologised profusely and even gave me tips on finding Hyde, but after a while she consented to take them if she keeps them quarantined in one room that she can easily clean. I've offered to pay extra for the special grooming that they need with the ear medicine.

So, basically, I'm having a rough week. I can't wait to get out of this house and into a nice small condo where there isn't any construction going on and we can all feel settled. I really hope I find Hyde before I leave; I keep worrying that he'll come back and not be able to get back in while I'm gone.



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