Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Who are you and what have you done with my cat?

Hyde has undergone a complete turn around! On Friday Nyron and I had to herd all the cats upstairs so that we could clear out the basement. The new owner of my house wanted to start working on the basement and I had all my laundry down there. Since we'd been using a door pushed up against the doorway and held in place by heavy Rubbermade boxes that we removed to get downstairs we couldn't let them wander around. Nyron cleared up the basement while I spent time upstairs with the cats. This time, Hyde didn't fight so hard and took almost no time at all to come to enjoy getting pets and scfratches around the neck. We also managed to get his collar on him (although he still tries to get it off).

For the rest of the night hyde hung around the couch looking for more attention. Every day since then he's become more and more comfortable around us. They both spend a lot less time hiding under the armchair. In fact, Hyde has now become the most affectionate cat in the house, following us around, looping around our legs and purring like an 18-wheeler.

Of course, nothing is ever easy and this wonderful newfound affection has come with a price. Spirit is horribly jealous and it doesn't help matters that Hyde is on a crusade to win her affection, which she is determined not to give. He spends a lot of time following her around and getting hissede at for her trouble. the last two nights I have been kept awake by Hyde trying to inch closer to Spirit and Spirit hissing and growling at him.

It's nice to have 3 cuddly kitties in my house now. Although Nyron maintains that Spirit will always be his favourite.



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