Friday, September 16, 2005

It'll be a goodbye Monday

Nyron and I leave for Nova Scotia on Monday. My boss at works has very graciously allowed me to carry on with our pre-existing plans to visit my family back home. We had originally planned to go for 10 days but i've decided to cut it down to one week so that I can be back in time for work the following Monday morning. I work in a language school and that Monday is the day when the next batch of new students arrive and they'll need as many hands as possible.

Monday is also the day when Hyde and Sebastian will be handed over to the city animal services. No one has offered to take them and all the shelters are full (too many cats gettin' busy over the summer). I hate to turn them over to the city like this since they have a much more uncertain future than they would at a shelter, but I try not to let myself think about that. I've forced myself to get used to the idea and I can pretty much think of it without crying, although I still get a little teary.



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