Monday, August 29, 2005

Nyron Ali: Pet Detective

Nyron came home and found Hyde. He was hiding in a box, under a bunch of boxes, behind some more boxes, in a closet in the back room. Bad kitty. So, thanksfully, we were able to take all three of them to the cat hotel.

I highly recomend this place! It's called The Cat's Meow Motel in Mississauga. The woman who runs it, Jean, is so sweet. It's cats only and the cats get to walk around the place as they please until night time. Even at night they're not put into tiny metal cages, but in sectioned off squares of the room. Hyde, Sebastian and Spirit all have a room together. Hopefully having to spend a week together in a small space will force them to get along.

Getting them to the hotel was a bit tricky, though. Spirit's been through the car ride thing before and she just sat on my lap the whole time, but Hyde and Sebastian were both terrified. The last time they got put in carriers and loaded into a car was to go to the vet where they had a thermometre stuck in their buts and needles in each hip. As soon as they were in the car they messed inside their respective carriers. The ride stank. When we arrived and got everyone settled and I explained how to administer their ear medicine (only $2.50 extra per cat, per application) we went back to the car to assess the damage. One of the carriers leaked all over the back seat of the car so we went to Canadian Tire to buy upolstery cleaner. A lot of cleaner and half a box of kleenex later we had a slightly less smelly car but a much bigger stain. Our next strategy is baking soda left on the stain over night to get the smell out and then another very throrough cleaning tomorrow morning.



At 7:19 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds simple, but put kitty litter on the spot, let it sit. It will absorb the leftover moisture, and deodorise the spot. And you can just vacuum up whats left after.

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