Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sorry for the long haitus, moving is a bitch. But I'm happily settled in my new house and Spirit is finally here to truely make it home.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent mine in Nova Scotia with my family where we had a bit of a special Christmas surprise. I also got to teach my brother's girlfriend how to knit. I hope she sticks with it; she's studying geriology (probably spelled wrong) which is the study of working with elderly people, so knowing how to knit will come in handy for her. When we were talking about it, it came out that her cousin in Ottawa recognized my email address and realized that she reads this blog. So thanks for reading, Ashley's cousin, and I hope the long break in posts hasn't put you off. : ) Post a comment and I'll link to your blog.

For Christmas, Nyron got me Denise Interchangables! Yay! I can't wait to try them out and see if they're as spectacular as everyone says they are. I mainly wanted them because they're elegedly airline safe and I do a fair bit of flying what with my family in another province and all. Now I can get some decent knitting done on the way.

I'm very excited because I finally started to set up my studio in the spare room of my new place. I got some hanging shelves from Canadian Tire that I've put all my yarn into, divided by weight and, in some cases, brand if I have a lot of yarn from a particular brand. I've also put all my charity yarn into a Rubbermade container that fits perfectly underneath them all. Why all the excitement?, besides the joy of having all my yarn in one place. I've decided I'm going to start my own business, selling some of my home-made home decor projects. When I have a few of the pruducts made, I'll post pictures along with a questionaire so that you, my readers, can be my focus group. I'd really appreciate your help with this and I'm looking forward to your responces.

Well, that's a good update for now. I'll make more of an effort to post regularly, I promise. : )



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