Sunday, June 10, 2007

Isn't this a cliche by now?

Ok, it's happened; made all the more frustrating because I'm in a challenge to finish the argyle sweater by the end of the month and don't want to contend with any hold-ups. I'm part way into the shoulder shaping of the sleeves and I've run out of yarn. The only yarn shop that currently has this yarn and colour in stock is on the completely other side of town. What is it exactly that I have done to so anger the knitting goddesses? Or are they just bored and having a little fun? I tried to go to the yarn shop on the street car this afternoon, but it didn't arrive at my stop until 3:45, which meant that there was no way I could get all the way to the East End before the shop closed at 5.

Oh well. Today was the day when Nyron and I went to the World's Biggest Bookstore to get a last shopping spree out of his employee discount card. His last day as a book drone for Heather Reisman is this Thursday. I spent almost exactly $100 which was my self-appointed budget (I have to have some limit!) and got 4 books. It was harder than I thought it would be to find books that I wanted to buy, as I'm not that interested in pattern books. I much prefer technique books, or pattern books that will teach me something that I don't already know. So I got a book on finishing techniques, a book on hand-dying self striping yarn, a book on hand spinning, and Mason-Dixon Knitting, just because I've had my eye on it for a while.

On Friday I went to the knitter's pub night and got to meet the lovely Stashaholic (see the blog link on my side bar). I've been linking to her for years; I think I originally linked to her back when I first started this blog because I was a bit homesick while living in England and wanted to read a blog from home. It was great to finally meet her and have a drink (even though it wasn't Keith's) and a laugh and a reminisce about Nova Scotia. I also found out that she still hasn't sold her beginner's spinning wheel, which I may buy from her in the near future. I plan on taking the spinning course at Lettuce Knit to see if I like it and if I take to it I'll see if Stashaholic still has Lilith to sell. I'm getting excited about the idea of spinning and dying my own yarns. I bought David Attenbough's Planet Earth recently and all the colour combinations are making me think of socks. Mmmmm, Planet Earth socks.

Unit next we knit!



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