Thursday, February 09, 2006

When kitties dream

Early this morning, around 5:30am, I was awoken by a strange sound. It was a very startled kind of squawk sound, definitely not machine-made, coming from somewhere in my bedroom. I looked around at the blurry shadowed shapes (I wear very strong prescription glasses) and my eyes finally stopped on the silhouette of my cat asleep in the corner. She usually sleeps in bed with me, but we've been having to administer an ear-cleaning and medication to her every night after dinner, so she's usually still pretty pissed at me by bed-time. After hearing the sound a few more times I realized it was Spirit. She must have been having an awful nightmare! I had to call her name a few times before she'd wake up. The nightmare must have been bad enough to make her quickly forget my horrible doctoring from earlier because it took almost no encouraging to get her to come to bed, where she wouldn't settle down until I would let her lay right on top of me. Poor dear. I wonder if she was dreaming of having Q-tips and liquid squirted in her ears.



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