Sunday, May 27, 2007

Yes, I'm still alive!

I am guilty of a shameful neglect of this blog with a list of excuses too long to even going into, but the main one has been my knitting hiatus. I knot that is a term that strikes fear into the heart of many a knitter - the concept that you might wake up some morning and just not feel like knitting. However, as a survivor of this very common ailment I can assure you all that it is temporary and non-fatal.

What brought me out of my knitting hiatus was the one thing that has the almost unfailing ability to drag countless knitters out of a knitting hiatus, or even encourage a non-knitter to pick up the needles; people around me started popping out babies. It started with an old friend of Nyron's who had a son last summer, so I crocheted this baby blanket for him.

I designed it using my Royal Needlework Academy design software because it's done in Afghan crochet which comes out in perfect squares (unlike knit stitches which are rectangular and need a rectangular chart for plotting designs). The mother and father are both professional musicians, so I thought the musical instrument motif would fit very well. It took a while to find that many instruments that could be easily crocheted into silhouettes, let me tell you!

Closely following that came the birth of my friend Valeria's daughter, Nadia. Valeria was my host sister when I lived in Ecuador as an exchange student almost 10 years ago and I'm still in touch with her family. I found this blanket as a kit from Mary Maxim at the Creative Needlework and Sewing Festival here in Toronto last fall.

It's not a very good picture, but you can get a sense of it.

Then, this past February, my very, very brave friend Allison gave birth to twins, one boy and one girl (which would be my choice, if I was ever given one). I am almost finished their blankets, which I crocheted from two patterns I found in Candy Blankies by Candi Jensen and modified by changing the yarn and the colours. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done.

Hopefully This won't disintegrate into another case of blog neglect as I am very thoroughly enmeshed in my addiction once more (in fact, I think it's even contributing to my current insomnia!). Hopefully next post I'll have pictures of Nyron in a basket weave stitch sweater I knit him for Christmas and my current WIPs, another sweater for Nyron (surprise, surprise! That boy certainly doesn't suffer from my knitting habit!) and a cotton shirt for myself.



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