Thursday, June 07, 2007

My last new yarn for a long time

Just before joinging Save Cash! Use Your Stash and the Stashalong which has effectively put me on a yarn diet, I placed an order on Knit Picks. I've been listening to their podcast lately and I am walking proof that a podcast is excellent advertising for a yarn store. I bought 2 books, I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks by Cindy Guggemos and The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee, as well as some Memories Merino sock yarn in the Rocky Mountain Dusk colourway. I've never been to the Rockies (I've never been west of Alberta) but I'm kind of into purples right now and it looks nice and cozy. Here's a picture of all this, which just arrived in the mail today (after being shipped on May 31, so that was quite quick!).

To be honest, all I'd really wanted was the sweater book. It was described on the podcast as a book that would take you through all the techniques required to knit a sweater by having you knit a knid of amorphous sweater sampler in the round. I have a lot of pattern books already so what I'm really interested in are books that focus on technique and will help with my designing. I bought the sock book because I've knit one pair of socks already and would like to expand my skill set in that area as well. My only excuse for the yarn was that I figured I could use it to work on the bounty of sock knitting skills I am sure to learn from this book. And it was on sale. I hope I like working with it becuase I'd love to go back and buy some more at that price in the different colourways before they are all gone.

In other news, I've joined abouther blog group. This time it's Craft for a Cause. At least, this is the name right now, they are in the process of changing it to something that isn't already taken. I've always loved charity knitting (in fact it's what got me back into knitting after a haitus of a few years) and I plan to do a lot of it as part of my upcoming destash, so now I'll have a place to post about it. Speaking of posts on other blogs, I'm going to post my progress on the 3 WIPs I mentioned in a previous post on the Stashalong blog. I've entered them into the June KAL within a KAL challenge where participants have to post regular updates for their designated WIPs and have them done by the end of the month. Wish me luck! Now I'm going to go curl up with that sweater book!

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