Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a thirsty kitty!

Spirit has always been very intrigued by the bath/shower process. Whenever I take a shower, she sits on the floor of the washroom and sometimes pats at the shower cutrain with her paws. When I take a bath, she'll put her front paws ont he edge of the tub and sometimes go so far as to sit on the edge and watch me (not as creepy as it sounds; if you're a cat owner, you understand). Whenever I'm done with my strange human water ritual and the water has all drained out, she jumps into the tub and begins licking the puddles that are left behind.

Last night I took a bath to soak my aching muscles (aching, thanks to an arobic/weight-lifting class I got talked into by a friend of mine). It was at this time, for the first time, that I realized that I can adjust the safety drain to allow the water level to rise high enough that it almost completely covers me to my shoulders. Heaven! It turns out, this is also high enough for Spirit to dip her head forward and reach the water and she began drinking my bath water! Luckily, I didn't use any soap or essential oils that may have made her sick. I guess this is what she'd been trying to do the whole time, drink the bath water. It was so strange to see her little kitty face meet her little kitty reflection on the water's surface. I couldn't help but watch in fascination for a while - and she must have been thirsty, because she drank a lot! - before cutting it short and draining the bath. Of course, she cleaned up the puddles, as usual.



At 1:29 p.m., Anonymous Sarah said...

Aww, she likes the taste of people! That's so cute! :P

Cats do like to watch people bathe. I think it amuses them. "Silly humans, wouldn't it just be easier to lick yourself on the living room floor?" Must be why they do it when you have guests; they're trying to teach us.


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