Sunday, January 01, 2006

A little knittin' to pass the time

I've been trying to be really productive today and get lots of work done, but I seem to be ever drawn to my knitting. This is welcome, because I haven't actually knit anything in a week or so and I ran the risk of going through withdrawl any day. I'm re-knitting one of the Knit For Kids scarves that I didn't get finished in time for the deadline. I had knit it in stocking stitch with a few inches of ribbing at either end and sewn two of Nicki Epstein's knit roses on either end, but I didn't like the way the roses sat when the stocking stitch caused the whole scarf to curl. They looked like the bloodshot eyes of a very skinny lizard. I guess two inches of ribbing isn't quite enough to combat that tendency to curl. So I frogged it and am re-knitting the entire thing in ribbing so that the roses will lay flat and nice. I'm just a little worried that they may look like a pare of breasts at either end of the little girl's scarf. Oh well, never too early to learn about anatomy. And isn't the flower metaphor the classic one, anyway?



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