Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh the horror!

Last night I witnessed a horrible sight. As I was getting into bed a tiny, evil moth whisped past my head and dissapeared against the builder's beige walls of my bedroom. I froze, my eye wild with terror. Nyron tried to reassure me that it was just a fly, but I knew! I knew it was a moth! When we caught it, I could show him for sure.

It was too late last night to put all my natural fibres in quarantine in the freezer, but it is what I will do first thing tonight when I get home from work. To add to the trauma, Nyron and I accidentally locked Spirit in my studio when we went in to see if there was any obvious signs of advanced infestation (there weren't, but we all know that means little). I didn't realize this until this morning, when I heard a soft, plaintive mewing coming from the room across the hall. Boy, was she pissed!

Pray for me.

Until next we knit!



At 4:23 p.m., Blogger Andrea said...

Poor Kitty.

I've heard that lavender is a natural moth deterrent. I have a couple lavender sachets in with my stash. Makes the yarn smell nice too.


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