Thursday, May 15, 2008

Much knitting, but little blogging

My apologies for being such a negligent blogger. I spent most of last week in Nova Scotia doing wedding planning and then work has suddenly been hit by the busy season, so this is the first chance I've had for an update.

Angela's baby shower is next weekend and I still haven't finished the second baby blanket. Therefore, I have decided to give her the first one I finished and give the other one to Amy later, since Amy isn't having a baby shower (this is her second yung'n) so I have more time to before I'll see her again. I'm assuming she's had the baby by now, since it's a week past her due date, but I don't want to bother her while she's still "lying in" so I'll call her next week sometime. I still have to block Angela's sweater so I can sew the buttons on. I've never sewn buttons onto knitting before, so wish me luck.

Sock Wars III is in full swing and I'm almost halfway done. I'm doing the 2 socks on 2 circs method (as always) which I was hoping would give me an edge on speed, but apparently not. A quick peruse of Ravelry shows that lots of people have already finished their socks. Then I looked on the forum and found that my assassin has sent my socks today! Depending on the type of postage, I could be "dead" as early as tomorrow. Hopefully she picked a slower service so that I'll at least be able to finish these before my untimely demise. On the bright side, no one has ever knit socks for my before, so I'm thrilled to get them. Always a silver lining, right?

While I was in Nova Scotia my mom and I had 1 afternoon where I didn't have any wedding stuff or family stuff scheduled and I could do whatever I wanted to do. Wanna guess what it was? Yarn shopping! When I was growing up in Bedford (the town next to Halifax) the only place to buy yarn was Lewiscraft, which meant Patons Canadiana and Bernat acrylic. But in the last few years Halifax has got a few nice yarn shops and I always try to hit them when I'm in town. My excuse was that I needed to get sock yarn for Sock Wars, so that became my focus. We started off at LK Yarns which is close to where my bridesmaid Sarah lives. There, Mom got me 2 skeins of Estelle Arequipa: one in a lovely dark green and the other in a peachy seashell type variegated. Then we went to the Loop Cafe (where I took my hand spindle spinning lesson) and really raked it in. I got a braid of Aurelia Topknots roving in deep purple and lilac tones and a bag of Louet wool fibre in a natural brown colour (Mom spotted both of them, saying "is that what you use on your wheel thing?"). Then I got my obligatory 2 skeins of lovely Lucy Neatby Celestial Merino Dream, this time in a gorgeous sunny yellow, and a ball of Tofutsies for the Sock Wars socks (see, I didn't forget my original objective). I'm loving working with Tofutsies and definitely intend to buy some for myself. While we were checking out, Mom noticed a hairpin lace bobbin and decided to buy it for me, too. Then, she noticed a scarf pattern called Lighthearted Leaves from Fiddlesticks Yarn and decided she wanted me to knit it for her. So she added the pattern and the yarn called for (a silk yarn in a lovely orange colour) to the pile in front of us. Can I say, I love yarn shopping with Mom? :)

Until next we knit!



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