Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wow, framing is expensive!

While I was in England, I designed and stitched a wedding sampler for my DB's sister who is getting married next weekend. Today, we took it to my local embroidery shop (would that make it my LES? We need to get more embroidery bloggers out here!) to get it professionally framed. I've never had anything framed before; all of my previous pieces always ended up in my parents' closet on the promise of getting it "nicely framed someday". There were all these decisions we had to make, not just the matting and frame, but this other stuff that looks like a miny frame but sits inside the square of the matting and keeps the glass off the embroidery (apparently, the acid in glass erodes thread fibres), and all these extra charges. The whole process took a really long time and it cost quite a bit more than I'd anticipated. But then, this IS a wedding gift, so I suppose it's meant to be a bit dear. Plus, there's no way I could've done the framing myself - not and have it look presentable.

On the bright side, I got some nice lugana which is one of my favourite evenweaves to work with. I also bought a bag of dried lavender at Crabtree and Evelyn yesterday. Together, they shall combine to combat the evil forces of the moths who will stop at nothing to get at my yarn! I plan to make a few extra for a certain someone (*cough*SP5*cough*). I'm still designing what I want to stitch on them. I should get some cotton, too. Looks like a trip to Lewiscraft will be in my near future. : )



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