Friday, July 08, 2005

If you give a knitter a hammer...

...she'll want to make a chest of drawers with it. I bought this at Ikea and put it together all by myself! (Well, I let my DB help with one of the drawers to make him feel helpful.)

I want to get some chalkboard paint so I can keep track of what's inside each drawer. And I've picked out some nice buttons to use as drawer pulls.

Now if we pull back...

It's my brand new craft shelf! Also from Ikea. My materials are now the most organized they've ever been! This is very exciting. I still have lots of stuff to sort, but it's certainly coming along. Of course, knowing my luck, just when I have everything sorted the house will sell and I'll have to pack it all up again. But at least it's easily to hand now.

Hmmm....what else have I been working on? Oh yah! Stitch markers.

I finally did find the jump rings the right size, but by then I'd come up with an idea for using cotton yarn and buttons. Once I have an idea for something I can't let go until I've tried it.

I'm modelling the buttons on my latest project: Anouk from Knitty for my friend Amy's little boy who should be born by now. Exciting!



At 9:07 a.m., Anonymous MaryKay said...

Those stitch markers are so creative!! I can not wait to try them myself. Great idea. I am like you in that if I get a "spark" of something I become obsessed with getting a FO. Thanks for the inspiration.


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