Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"I need just one little thing, a ring. And I don't mean on the phone"

Ok, actually, I need several rings. 1/2" metal rings to be exact. I'd like to make some beaded stitch markers for my Secret Pal Recipient. I was all ready to just twist some metal wire around a pencil, but then I saw all these little metal rings at Lewiscraft that would be perfect...except that the largest rings they carry are about 1/4" diameter and that wouldn't fit much beyond a US size 3 or 4 needle. I'd like them to be a little more widely usable. If anyone knows where to get 1/2" diameter metal rings, please let me know!

I met up with my friend Amy today who I hadn't seen in a long time. She's due to give birth to her first baby a week tomorrow! Wow! This whole pregnancy thing has been really fascinating. I wish I'd been here to see it and not just read about it in her blog, but oh well. Next time. : ) First we went to Courage My Love which is a shop in Kensington Market that sells beads (among lots of other cool things) in the hopes of finding the elusive metal rings. Instead, we found these adorable corn on the cob buttons that I bought for use on a top I'll be knitting for Andy (her baby). I have plenty of time, since I picked Anouk from Knitty. He won't fit into it until he's about 3 - 6 months and it will be able to be modified so that he can wear it for a long time. Amy and Derek took to calling the fetus "Nibblet" as it grew, before they knew the sex and whatnot, so hence the corn theme. I'll be replacing the poesies on the outfit with corn on the cobs as well, the actual kernels I'll do in moss stitch.

I have a few projects that I need to finish first, though. I have half the sleeves and the hood to do yet on a sweater that my friend Chris commissioned me to knit for him. He's already paid me for it, so I have to get it done, I just need to get motivated to finish it. I'm also making lavender sachets for my Secret Pal Recipient that I need to finish so that I can mail it all off. These are the things that allow me to procrastinate from unpacking the house.



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