Friday, June 24, 2005

I've been framed!

We picked up Alana's wedding sampler, beautifully framed. It looks great! Nyron picked the frame and the matting and he managed to find a colour that almost perfectly matches the shade of pink I used for the hearts. The frame is a lovely gold gilt frame with flowers carved along it.

When we arrived it was actually hanging on the wall in the back of the room among the framing supplies. As one of the employees was packaging it up in brown paper (just like a proper work of art!) the owner mentioned that a customer who had been in earlier commented on how beautiful it was and was shoked when the owner told her that I'd designed it myself. Hearing that gave me a nice warm glow and a very full ego.

Designing is definitely something I'd love to do for a living. I wish I didn't have to spend so much time looking for a 9-to-5.



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