Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Have I reached SABLE status yet?

Today my friend Kathryn and I went to a yarn shop in Streetsville called The Yarn Tree that's going out of business. The lease had run out and the manager didn't really want to renew it, so she's selling everything off at half price or less! Here's what I got:

This includes:

- 10 balls of Extra 100% Australian merino in a light blue (it will likely become a sweater for my DB to match the scarf I made him from this very wool last year)

- 2 balls of San Mateo Nylon/Tactel MF blend in lovely red and burnt orange tones

- 5 balls of Uxbridge Tweed in gorgeous shades of blue

- 1 ball beige Freedom DK cotton for a secret project

- 3 sets of dpns, two of them in a cool tortoise shell colour

Some of this will go to my Secret Pal Recipient, but I won't say what exactly in case she's reading. I got everything at least 50% off, so it was a real deal! The only things that were really superfluous were the tortoise shell knitting needles, but how often can one find dpns for less than $3?

While we were inside, the heavens opened up and it began to really pour. We carefully wrapped up our new found wealth to protect it from the rain and got soaked through ourselves on the way to the car. The car was full of dog hair from Kathryn's dog. I never knew that the combination of dog hair and wet people could actually produce a wet dog smell, but it does. Learn something new every day.

It really is too bad that the shop is closing down. The woman who runs it is so nice. She even asked us what we were going to make with all we had bought, and seemed genuinely interested in the answers. Oh well, Streetsville is too far away for me to go, anyway.



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