Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kitties of Steel!

Last night I arrived home from knitting group to see Nyron looking for the cats. Of course, this time it was Sebastian who was AWOL and the unnamed one who was readily found (although still quite nervous about being found). In fact, he had apparently been spending most of the evening in my craft room in the back of the house. So why, since we had already established the night before that both cats were still alive and well, were we still searching for them? Because Nyron had a plan.

The plan was this; since our main problem was that the cats kept hiding extremely effectively in the basement, then we would simply have to keep them out of the basement. Seems simple. Except for the fact that there is no door to the basement. Nyron tried taking the door off the livingroom and putting it in the doorway to the basement, but the hinges didn't fit. So after a fruitless search we decided that they must both be somewhere on the main or upper floor of the house and proceeded to block off the basement by leaning the heavy door against it and pushing two heavy boxes and the broom against the bottom edges where there was still room to squeeze through. We also tried to eliminate the number of available hiding spots by doing something that I tend to avoid like the plague: tidying up.

This morning I went downstairs to find that the door had been knocked over. Cats:2. Us:0

Knitting group last night was great. What a great bunch of people! I immediately felt very comfortable, even though it was my first time with this group. I even found someone who had read this blog! Oooo, that makes me feel so flattered! Hi Cami! Read her blog, it's really good! The next meeting is set for two Wednesdays from now, if anyone is interested, at the Starbucks at Yonge and Davisville. We're having a Stash Bash, so bring yarn/supplies to trade/sell.

In some incredibly good news, I got a package delivery notice from Canada Post today! There's only one thing it could backpack of yarn from England! Huzzah for the postal system! Unluckily, I was downtown at a job interview when it arrived, so I wasn't here to accept it right away (I'd better get that job!). Luckily, today is already a day that Nyron and I have decided to allocate to running errands, so I'll surely be able to pick it up today! See, I told you it would arrive. : )



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