Friday, July 06, 2007

I am weak.

I've been peddling along nicely on my yarn diet thus far. I successfully completed the Stashalong June challenge by knitting the two blankets for Allison's twins and Nyron's God awful argyle sweater. I've knit over 20 granny squares to use up 5 balls from Mount Bernat to be made into a blanket for Warming Families. I've started a pair of socks and got as far as turning the heal and have been planning a yoga mat bag to take another chunk out of Mount Bernat. But today, something changed.

Now, I've heard of the Mystery Stole before, mentioned on other knitter's blogs, and have easily turned a disinterested eye. I haven't worn a stole or shawl of any kind since my high school prom and I have never felt the need to knit the same thing as thousands of other knitters at the same time. So I had every intention in the world to let another Mystery Stole pass me by unnoticed.

Let's set the scene: a young girl, going square-eyed at a computer in her small, windowless office staring down the very real likelihood that she will have to come in on her day off to get through her ever increasing workload. She decides to take a short mental vacation by skimming through some of her favourite knitting blogs. She comes across The Yarn Harlot's humourous account of being "tricked" into joining the Mystery Stole 3 KAL. She mentions that tonight is the deadline for signing up (instilling in me the Fear of Missing Out) and includes a picture of a first clue knitted up. It's so lovely. And I've never knit lace before. And I've been seriously considering learning. And before 5 minutes had passed I had signed up for MS3. Yarn Harlot, you are an enabler!

Of course, I will now have to by some laceweight yarn, as I don't have any (oh no) and some beads, because the stole calls for beads (double oh no!). This I can do on my way to work tomorrow (yes, I really do have to go in on my day off).

I won't be able to start on it until after next weekend, however, because I am working away on my friend's spa kit towel. Linen, I am finding, is not very soft to knit with, but the chenille will surely make up for it so I'm saving it as a prize to myself for finishing the towel.

Until next we knit!



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