Saturday, July 14, 2007

A weekend for finishing

This past week has been very busy. Aside from the usual weekday stuff like work and pilates, Nyron and I have been helping out at the Chapters that he used to manage to decorate for the big Harry Potter midnight sale! We get to help out at the sale next Friday, too. We spent all Thursday night from when we got off work until almost 10:00 at night cutting out bristol board letters of FLOURISH & BLOTTS to put in the large windows above the front door. They've also printed out spells from the books spread out onto about 3 pieces of paper each and velcroed them to the walls. The spells are in black but the Unforgivable Curses are in red. Very cool.

So with all that going on I didn't get a lot of knitting done this past week. I did, however, finish the linen hand towel for Erin's bridal shower gift. Here's the finished towel:

I decided to forgo the chenille washcloth because I was having trouble working with the chenille. I'd always thought of chenille as this incredibly luxurious yarn that I would love working with, but when I actually tried it turned out to be fiddly and unyielding. Besides, I've now knit with baby alpaca, which beats chenille right out of the water in terms of luxury!

The whole spa kit is almost all put together; all it's lacking as a big bar of chocolate and a card. It currently contains: a cleansing cream, a facial mask, 2 bottles of nail polish, 1 bar of Sultana of Soap and a bar of Comforter Bubble Bar (both from Lush). And the hand towel, of course.

I've also finished Chart A of Clue 1 of the MS3 stole! I had to frog the whole thing back twice at row 23 and it took 6 times for get through row 45 without having too many or too few stitches on the needle, but I finally did it. All it took was some peace and quiet (Nyron can be very distracting, especially now that we've bought a Wii). I taped it to the back of the chart so I could take a picture:

It's not very clear, since I didn't want to take the time to block it - I want to keep knitting before Nyron gets here! It's knit in Misti Alpaca 100% baby alpaca 2 ply laceweight. The beads are fresh water pearl seed beads that I found for $5 a string at a bead store downtown (if anyone out there is into beading, you have to come to Toronto! There's practically a beading neighbourhood on Queen St.). This is my first lace project and my first time knitting with alpaca and I'm loving them both. I might even make a second one as a gift. Mom, what do you think, would you like a lace stole? Just in case Dad ever takes you anywhere nicer than one of the pubs in Halifax? ; )

Until next we knit!


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