Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I don't watch the news very often and for just this reason. The National had a piece about a recent outburst of hatred against Canadians in Afghanistan. The Canadian soldiers who are there are not there in coalition with American soldiers; they are there in Canada's stock role as Peace Keepers. But now, a community in Afghanistan is claiming that last night Canadian soldiers forced their way into homes, tied people up, dragged them outside and killed 2 people.

The Canadian government and the leaders of the armed forces are categorically denying that our people, or any NATO soldiers, had anything to do with this and are speculating about the possibility of special forces from another country having committed this. I really want to believe that and am really hoping that future new reports will say that the group responsible have been found and they're...who knows who. But I can't help but remember my shock at learning about the torture committed by Canadian soldiers in Somalia when I was in high school. No one wants to think that their own countrymen and women could be capable of such things. But we all know that literally anyone is capable of literally anything under the right (or should I say, wrong) circumstances.

This is why I don't watch the news. More lighter topics in future, I promise.

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