Sunday, August 19, 2007

Stitch n' Pitch

The Stitch n' Pitch on Wednesday was really fun. As a complete coincidence, Amy and I ended up sitting next to a woman I had met at the last Drunken Knitters pub night, so it was nice to know someone else in the crowd. We were over 700 strong and one of the fullest sections in the stadium. The website said that everyone would get a knitting tote (and it actually says Stitch n' Pitch on it!), but what they didn't mention was that the tote would contain swag! I got 3 balls of yarn, although 2 are novelty yarns so I'm planning to swap them, an Estelle magazine with patterns and the promo material of some local shops and organizations. Anyone interested in having a Stitch n' Pitch yarn swap (or any yarns swap, for that matter) let me know.

I wish I'd remembered to bring my camera; they even got the Blue Jays mascot to walk around our section with a ball of yarn and 2 big needles, moving them up and down in an approximation of knitting. There are lots of pictures on other people's blogs, though, so if you're hungry for snaps just look around. Don't ask me about the game, though; I don't know anything about baseball and rarely paid attention. I just love kipping.

I finally finished Vernum last night at 1:30 in the morning. I really got into a groove sewing on the sleeves with the TV tuned to Teletune in the background. I love watching cartoons late at night. That's when you get the grown-up cartoons! I'd been knitting the sleeves on Friday in the break room of the Rogers Television studio while waiting for the show to start (I was Floor Director that night) and for some reason the conversation kept turning back to my knitting. It's not the first time they've seen me knitting there, but it seemed to be what everyone noticed. One of the hosts of the show that I work on brought it up a few times throughout the night and I ended up promising to have it finished in time to wear it on Monday, which is the next time I'm in the studio. I find I work better on a deadline, anyway, so I finished it up last night and just have to block it today (once I get all the stuff off the table, of course). Pictures to come.

I'm also almost done Rusted Root, too; I just have the cuff of the sleeves and the bottom hem to finish. The pattern directions say to start the ribbing on the sleeves now, but causes the ribbing to start on the row directly after the last row of decreases and I think I want a few more rows of knitting snuck in there, first. If we weren't going to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival today, I'd have it done by tomorrow, too.

With my 2 main projects coming to an end so close to each other, I'm going to have to find another project to start, stat! I find that if I'm completely projectless than starting a new projects becomes somehow more daunting. I'm pretty sure this was one of the causes of my earlier hiatus; after months of constant knitting I found myself without a project on the needles and didn't feel up to the process of picking a new project, swatching, waiting for the swatch to block, etc before casting on. This is one of the ways that Ravelry is being helpful (always so helpful!). I've got a queue of 8 projects to choose from, so I don't have to worry about picking something from the hundreds of patterns in my library (or design ideas in my head); I only have to choose from 8. Since the weather is starting to get delightfully chilly (my favourite seasons are the in-between seasons: fall and spring), I think I can start on a light sweater. I've had A Cardigan for Arwen from IK swimming behind my eyeballs ever since I discovered (again, thanks to Ravelry) that I have the exact yarn specified already in my stash. I rarely ever knit with the pattern yarn, so it's a nice change. No worries about recalculating the pattern to the gauge, or if the drape will work. So that will be my next project.

*A note to my secret pal* I've been reading some people's complaints on the Secret Pal Ravelry group that their partners don't post often and I'm afraid I probably fall under that group. It's not that I'm quiet or don't want to talk about myself, it's just that my day job is 7 and a half hours of answering emails, so I rarely have the energy on weeknights for blogging (or anything computer related, for that matter). If you have any questions, feel free to email me; I'll be very vocal in my answers. And know that you'll always get at least one nice long blog post on the weekend. Thanks for putting up with me.

Until next we knit!



At 2:29 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Stitch n Pitch sounds like a hoot! Cute that the mascot was 'knitting"!

Re: secret pal - You are doing great -- weekly posts or a few posts a week are fine by me(there is a lot of info about you in your questionnaire, and as we go along I will learn more about you!) In the Sockapalooza 4, my partner only posted 4 times (and 3 of those were in a 2 day span!!) -- that made it really hard to get to know anything about her, and she was pretty vague and brief in her questionnaire too (so it was hard to get to know her. I like to try to know someone when gifting them; sucks to get something that isn't quite your taste!

I still haven't heard a word from the person who got my name in the swap -- I am sure I will soon though!

Take care and have a nice Sunday afternoon!

Pal O' Yours


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