Monday, August 13, 2007

Geek alert!

I've only just been assigned my Secret Pal spoilee and I've already benefited from the pairing. My spoilee had a link on her blog to the Lime and Violet Knit Wars, which is an online game based loosely on D&D. There's no dice, but you make a character (complete with character stats) and gain experience points by completing adventures, like teaching someone to knit or finishing a UFO from a year ago. It's meant to be a fun way to get motivated to cross hurdles and set goals.

Having been a mad D&D gamer in my day, I've really taken to this style of the game. I even wrote all my adventure comments in very formal, King Arthur and his knights-type language. I'm currently a first level Enchanter with 73 XP (that's experience points for the laymen) and 33 "gold pieces". There are different things that you can do with gold pieces; ignore them as just a fun part of the game (like the Sceptre of Fiberblogginess and other pieces of treasure that you have a chance to acquire in adventures), use them to dictate how much actual money you can spend on stash, determine a dollar value (x gp = $1) and use them to save up for a special treat. I'm considering the last option: picking a correlative value of the gp and use that the save up real money for a knitter's retreat or trip to a fibre festival, something that I would normally not spend money on for myself but that I would really, really like. Of course, I could save it up for a spinning wheel, but I'll be buying/getting one for Christmas anyway, so it doesn't seem like a good investment of my imaginary gold pieces.

I'm getting way too into this game already! :) I can't wait until they get the buttons up.

Until next we knit!



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