Monday, November 12, 2007

Birth of the Westend Woolies

Ravelry has done it again. For years I've been trying to start or join a knitting group closer to home, so that I don't have to travel the hour trip downtown or stick to ones that start immediately after I get off work. I had one last about 6 months or so and then fizzled out. I'd put entries up on Freecycle and Favorville looking for a groups to join or start and hadn't got a lot of response, so I'd pretty much given up. Until I saw a post on Ravelry, by a woman named Tracy who was about to move to the High Park neighbourhood and was asking if there was a group she could join. In less than a week there were half a dozen other Westenders joining in and before I knew it, we had become the founders of the Westend Woolies.

We had our first gathering on Thursday and it went really well. We all get along and were able to find lots to talk about. Right now we meet at a Starbucks, but I'd like to look into finding a place that serves food, since I still end up going there straight after work.

I'm preparing for a soft opening of my etsy store, since I'm sick of it sitting empty. My problem seems to be that I have so many crafts that I do and so many ideas for products that I don't know where to start: so I just don't. I've decided to focus on one craft right now until I've got lots ot items ready before swtiching to another. Right now I'm inspired by having located my papermaking supplies, so I'm working on some handmade recycled paper and some Christmas cards to sell. I'll move into bookbinding in a bit, when I really get a good method worked out for making lots of paper at once. I'll let you all know when I start listing things on the store.

Until next we knit!



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