Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy April!

Hurray! I just love Spring. Even though it's still rather chilly outside, the snow is (mostly) gone with no signs of returning (until December).

I've been getting a lot of knitting done lately. I've got the 2 Rocketry sweaters done for Amy's and Angela's babies. They just need blocking and buttons. I couldn't find any suitable buttons in my button stash, but I did see some really cute ones at Romni; Little sheep with dangly feet that come in the same rainbow of colours as the sweaters. I'll probably get them for Amy's baby, since Amy is a knitter and will appreciate it, and find something a little more classic for Ange. Here are the two completed sweaters:

I'm probably the last knitblogger in Toronto to write about it, but I did go to the Stephanie Pearl McPhee book launch on Tuesday. I've somehow missed every book signing she's ever had, so I'm so happy to have finally made it to this one. I worked a half day so I could meet up with some other knittas and participate in the Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt. You can see the pictures on my flickr page. I do have a picture of my sock with a TTC driver, but I was informed that he could get into a lot of trouble or even fired for having a picture of him in a TTC car or wearing a TTC uniform on the internet without the TTC's consent, so it's not included. Here are the lovely knitters I spent my afternoon with:

We then went to the book launch (which was, of course, the whole point). The Skydiggers were great; I loved seeing a knitter get an opening act! :) If you look in the picture that she put up on her blog, you can see me in the front row - right hand side in a green shirt. Marisa (the blond lovely in the picture above) is sitting to my right.

After laughing at the hilarity of Stephanie's stories and her wonderful talk, we all went over to the Fox and Fiddle on Bay, an old haunt of mine from university. Despite having been warned of our coming in advance, the owners - with typical disregard for the knitting community and our vast numbers - only had 2 waitresses on staff, so I didn't even get my order taken until after 10pm. However, I was starving and the whiskey I was drinking was beginning to need some food companionship. I got to chat with Stephanie a few times, too! She's one super lady. :)

She said she liked my top! :)

Until next we knit!