Thursday, July 17, 2008

The lost post

While looking back over the last few entries, I realized that I hadn't posted the pictures I took of the front and back panel, as I thought I had. I'd posted it on the Stashalong blog, but not here.
In the disappointment from my ill-fated Classico Twinset I decided to do some stashbusting with a charity sweater. I picked the Orphans for Orphans pattern from Knitting for Peace because it had interesting construction and was a great blank canvas for playing with stitch patters. It's knit in 2 panels, one front and one back, and then the side stitches are picked up from each panel and knit horizontally. The sides, as I've mentioned, are grafted together and the sleeves just keep getting knit horizontally until you come to the cuff. I looked on Ravelry to see some of the sweaters other knitters have knit from this pattern and to look for any relevant advice. One thing I found was that people who did the sleeve cuffs and border in garter stitch, as it's called for, complained that it flared out (as it would, because garter stitch is longer than stocking stitch), so I decided to do the cuffs and (when I come to it) the border in moss stitch to keep the theme going.

Here is a close up of the panels, which I finished last week. The sweater is designed to be a pullover, but still a little gun shy from my recent skirmish with neck holes, I've decided to make it into a cardigan with an off-centre button band. The stitch pattern I chose came from Gladys Thomas's Patterns for Guernsey, Jerseys and Arans and is a band of diamonds up the centre with moss stitch on either side. As I said on Monday, this pattern is repeated on the sleeves, with 2 (smaller) strips of the above pattern separated by 2 stitches of stocking stitch. The decrease section of the sleeves is left in stocking stitch so that I didn't have to fiddle with the pattern on an ever-decreasing number of stitches.
Until next we knit!


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