Thursday, March 20, 2008

More knitting woes

After years of dithering, I finally bought a set of Knit Picks Options needles. I already have a set of Denise Interchangeables that Nyron bought me for Christmas one year, but I've become so enamored with using interchangeable style circular needles that I often have to juggle the limited number of needle points and cable lengths between many projects and decided that it would be worth adding the Knit Picks version to my stash. Once I've had a chance to use them, I'll give a full review of the pros and cons of each set.

In the same order, I got a pair of Harmony wood 2.25mm circular needles so that I could knit the Fall Fire socks from the Robyn's Nest October Sock Club. I bought the Harmony needles because I think they are so pretty, but I paid for my vanity. I bought them with the intention of knitting the socks during the Stephanie Pearl McPhee book tour launch on April 1, so I cast the socks on Tuesday night, thinking this would give me plenty of time. My preferred method of sock knitting is toe-up, 2 socks on 2 circs, and the pattern is written from toe up so this was the perfect pattern for my still-fledgling sock skills to handle while watching the glorious Yarn Harlot on the stage of the Isabel Bader Theatre (where I used to have an English class, so it's already imbued with good memories for me). I was only on the second round of the socks, in the middle of a Make 1 to the right where I was trying to get the point of the needle needle in the twisted M1 stitch and - horrors! - the needle tip snapped off in my hand! I looked down and the little tip was still hanging on by the stitches and the little metal join was in my hand, connected to the cable, with a completely clean break where the needle tip had once been.

I will not repeat what I said when I realized what had happened, or those of you with parental controls on your computers will not be able to access this blog, but suffice it to say it was nasty enough to make Nyron pause the Battlestar Gallactica DVD we'd been watching (he's trying to get my caught before season 4 starts in April). After some cuddles and sympathy from Nyron, I sent an email to their customer service address requesting to exchange them for a pair of nickel plated circs of the same size (I'm not taking my chances with another set of wood needles, as beautiful as they are). And I waited.

I didn't hear back from them all day yesterday, so this afternoon I called the number directly. I explained what had happened and further added my concerns about my April 1 deadline. In true knitter fashion, the mention of Stephanie Pearl McPhee lit a fire under the lovely woman who answered the phone (I believe her name was Kathy) and she said that she would try to get my new needles to me as fast as possible so that I would have them in time. I don't even have to send the broken ones back to them, as that would further delay the exchange. I was very impressed. Now I'm just hoping I get my new needles in time. Wish me luck!

Until next we knit!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sock Wars III: prepare to be assassinated!

3s seem to be The number with me lately. I didn't hear about the Mystery Shawl KAL until a week before the deadline for its third round, and I hadn't heard about Sock Wars until membership had closed for the second round, so I've had to wait for the third to join. I just saw on the Craft: magazine website that membership for Sock Wars III is now open, so I jumped at the chance to finally sign up. After wrestling with my PayPal account for a bit (I guess it's a good thing that I use it so rarely that I forgot my password) I was able to pay the $2 membership fee and join.

I'm really looking forward to this, since I always want an excuse to knit socks and it sounds like a lot of fun. What a unique idea! For those of you who are hearing about this for the first time, here's the way it works: On May 9 everyone who has signed up with be emailed an exclusive sock pattern and a top-secret dossier with their assassination target. In order to assassinate your target, you must knit them a pair of socks and send it to them. Once they receive their socks they are dead and must send their assassination target, as well as their unfinished socks of death, to you. You must then try to assassinate this next person. However, someone out there has a file on you, so you must try to assassinate as many people as you can before you, yourself are assassinated. Good ol' extreme knitting fun! I'm really looking forward to it!

Until next we knit!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Oh the horror!

Last night I witnessed a horrible sight. As I was getting into bed a tiny, evil moth whisped past my head and dissapeared against the builder's beige walls of my bedroom. I froze, my eye wild with terror. Nyron tried to reassure me that it was just a fly, but I knew! I knew it was a moth! When we caught it, I could show him for sure.

It was too late last night to put all my natural fibres in quarantine in the freezer, but it is what I will do first thing tonight when I get home from work. To add to the trauma, Nyron and I accidentally locked Spirit in my studio when we went in to see if there was any obvious signs of advanced infestation (there weren't, but we all know that means little). I didn't realize this until this morning, when I heard a soft, plaintive mewing coming from the room across the hall. Boy, was she pissed!

Pray for me.

Until next we knit!