Friday, May 16, 2008

Mixed reviews

I do a lot of knitting in publick (almost every day, in fact, on my commute to work) and most of the time it goes without comment by the general population of non-knitters around me. Last night, though, I received 2 comments from people on the street. The first came when I was getting off the streetcar to go to my knitting class that I teach every other Thursday. A woman on her bike asked what I was making and when I held it up so she could see my socks, she said it was nice. Later on, while we were enjoying knitting class on the patio of the cafe in Kensington Market where we meet, a man walking by shouted out "knitting sucks!" at us. When we all looked up he smiled and said, "just kidding". I think he just wanted to make a group of young women look at him. Loser.

It was really precient that I was talking yesterday about Amy having the baby, because yesterday Amy had the baby! After work I found a voice mail from her husband to say that little Gracie had been delivered that morning and that mother and baby were fine. It was really sweet of him to call me with a birth anouncement. I wanted to call back and congratulate him, but he sounded really tired (she went into labour the night before, so he probably hadn't had any sleep since Wendesday morning) so I didn't want to risk waking him. I'll call this afternoon when I'm home from work.

I got confirmation from my Sock Wars assassin this morning that she didn't mail the socks priority post! Hurray! That means I'll definitely have my socks done before the end of the weekend (especially since it's a long weekend in Canada) so I'll have the satisfaction of taking out my own target before being wacked myself.

Until next we knit!



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