Friday, July 22, 2005

Amber Waves of charity

I'm between projects right now and I'm still waiting for my backpack of yarn to arrive so I can't really justify buying more I've decided to stashbust with some charity projects. I'm using the acrylic yarn that Brian the weaver donated to make afghan squaresthat I'll make into a blanket for a shelter. I haven't decided what shelter/organization to give it to yet, so if you have any ideas, feel free to put your 2 cents into a comment.

I'm much more experienced at knitting than crochet, so I've decided to crochet this blanket. I'm using a pattern called Amber Waves because it looked fairly easy while still using a variety of stitches. Plus, it looks best with contrasting colours; the yellow and red stand out against each other really well.

I'm going to see how many I can make with what I have in these colours and if it isn't enough for a whole blanket I'll pick two more colours and a slightly different, yet complimenting pattern and put them all together.



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