Saturday, July 16, 2005

Finished for Little Andy

I finished the pinafore top! It looks so sweet! Just right for the little Nibblet. Here it is with all the pieces blocked:

It blocked quite nicely, although the bottom green section still curls where the moss stitch becomes stocking stitch. And here is the finished piece:

It stands up all on it's own! It doesn't even need little Andy! : )

As soon as I finished sewing the pockets on, I realized that I'd sewn them on to the back piece by mistake. It really doesn't matter that much, all it does is change what shoulder the top button buttons on. However, I ended up sewing the side panels on the side with the pockets which would have been the right side if I had sewn the pockets on the right side but since the pockets were on the wrong side that made those on the wrong side, now. Confused yet? Basically I had to take the side panels off and re-stitch them. *sigh* But it's all finished now. I'll post pictures of the little guy wearing a few months, when he actually fits into it!



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