Friday, July 15, 2005

My first anonymous comment!

Wow! A lady named MaryKay wrote a comment to my July 8 entry (where I posted pictures of my new shelf and my stitch markers). How exciting! Not that I don't absolutely appreciate my friends who read my blogs, but there's something extra cool when someone who doesn't know me, and has no particular reason to be interested in my life, reads them. MaryKay if you have a blog let me know and I'll give you some linkylove. Also, I am planning on putting instructions for my stitch markers up once I can find proper diagrams for one of the knots in it.

It's been an extremely hot summer in the T-dot this year and this kind of perpetual heat makes me lethargic. Yet today, against all my best wishes, I dragged myself outside for a little walk. We had a nice refreshing thunderstorm last night so it wasn't as oppressively hot as it has been, but I still feel exhausted, even though I didn't walk that far. I feel good. I think it's my body's way of telling me a need to be more active by making me feel nice and energized. I'm between projects right now, so this would be a good time for it. I just can't seem to find anything I want to start at the moment, especially when I just made two mistakes sewing up Andy's pinafore top. One of them could be ignored, but the other made me undo all my sewing. : p



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