Saturday, July 16, 2005

A little more than loose ends

When I knit I always keep the little loose ends that I cut off a finished piece. When I have enough I can use them as fibrefill in charity crafts, like some odd sock pet beds I'm trying to make for a woman fostering cats for a local shelter. Unfortunately, in the last year I'd only amassed enough loose fibre to fill half a sock. Time to call for reinforcements. I sent out a request on Freecycle for knitters to start keeping their loose ends for me. I thought I might hear back from a few people with the expectation of picking up their garbage fibre in a few weeks, but instead I got an email from a weaver in the city who said he had a few bags for me.

What I picked up wasn't at all the little inch long gatherings I had expected. The were full lengths of yarn a few feet long each. And a lot of them! Here's what he donated:

Twin Peaks of Acrylic!

Possible uses:
- teddies or dolls for Teddies for Tragedies
- chemos caps
- blanket squares for homeless/shelters
- mittens for Knit for Kids

Cotton Moutnain

Possible uses:
- slippers for women's shelters

That's all I've really come up with.

Here's some assorted linen that I really don't know what do do with. It's too thin to knit.

This stuff is kind of like a flat chenille stuff. The lengths are too small to roll into balls. I really dont know what to do with it.

So any thoughts? I'm taking suggestions on what to do with this. It has to be for charity, since it's all been donated.



At 10:41 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi brooke, just wondering if you got the card i sent..i have a package ready to go and want to make sure it'll make it to you.. :) .. what kinds of scraps of yarn are you looking for? i keep anything over a foot ot 2 in case i want to make a blanket or some such..would you like some scraps sent as well as your other items? just let me know what type of fibre etc..your sp

At 10:43 a.m., Anonymous ck said...

Wow! I'm amazed you got that much response from freecycle.

Maybe you could braid the thin linen and then knit it? Not sure how much work that would be...


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