Monday, July 11, 2005

Welcome to the world, little Edward Andrew Orford!

Amy has had her baby! Congradulations, hun! I can't wait to meet the little darling. It's a good thing I'm almost finished Anouk. The original pattern calls for Cascade Yarns Pima Tencel but when I did some research it turned out to have special washing instructions. There's no way I'm giving a new mom something that requires hand washing! So instead, I'm making this a stashbuster project and using some Bernat Berella "4" acrylic I had left over from Knit for Kids a few Christmases ago. It won't be as soft as the cotton/tencel blend, but at least she'll be able to just throw it in the washer and dryer. I'm also making some stylistic changes. Instead of the poseys on the pockets I'm going to knit ears of corn on a light blue background instead. Amy and I found some darling little corn buttons at Courage My Love in Kensington Market that will go perfectly. The pattern only uses three buttons, two for the sides and only one shoulder button, but I'm going to add a fourth so that it'll be easier to get it on him. I hear babies can be fussy when they are being dressed.

So, welcome Baby Andy!