Sunday, July 24, 2005

Puppy update

I spoke to Nyron. As I predicted he wasn't thrilled about the idea of me taking in a puppy, but he also couldn't find a really good defensive postion on which to base his oposition. The only concern was that I get him while I still have time to train him before I get a job.

My dad talked to the owner. They (or rather, his wife) are sill not sure whether they are serious about giving him up. The husband is apparently pretty fed up with the pooch. Neither of them have the time to train him and he doesn't have a reputation for being the most patient person. Mom and Dad don't know how patient the wife is, so little Bedford's fate is still in the air.

Apparently they live in B-town, which is where Nyron lives, so if they do decide to give him up it will be easy to get him. Also, if they decide they want to visit him once in a while, I could probably be convinced to make some tea or something. : )

So basically I'm where I was this morning; I may or may not have a new puppy in the future. But even if it falls through, I can still fill my house with foster cats!



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