Sunday, July 24, 2005

So many animals...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been inspired by that woman on freecycle who has decided to take in foster cats. When I went to the pet store the other day to buy supplies for Spirit who is returning home on Wednesday, I saw that the pet store actually has a foster program. It looks good, especially since they pay all the vet bills while the cat is in foster care. I decided it's something I would like to do, but I have to wait until Spirit is more used to being back home and "home" itself is more permenent.

Then my mom called. She called mainly to see about booking tickets for a musical in Stratford that she wanted to see while she's here (unfortunately, it's sold out), but then she asked, "would you like a pommie?".

My parents recently purchased two pommeranian puppies on impulse from a friend's pet store and I'm constantly hearing stories about their cuteness and their misbehaviour. In fact, while this conversation was going on, one of them chewed up my mom's cousin's favourite pair of $300 sandals. So when my mom asked "would you like a pommie?" I thought she was making a joke about how bad those two are and her wanting to give them away, so I said sure. She threw me a curve ball when she asked, "are you serious? Do you want one?" It turns out that friends of my parents also bought a pommie from the same litter, but they are finding that they don't have the time to train him properly and are getting frustrated. So there actually is a puppy in need of a home. Since we're family friends, we get first dibs on the little guy.

My dad's going to go see them sometime soon to see how serious they are about giving the neglecterino up. I have to admit, I really want him! I mean, I REALLY want him. But I can't just say "yes" without thinking it through. As parents everywhere say to their 5 year olds, a puppy is a big responsibility. Since I am currently unemployed, this is the perfect time for me to have a puppy, since I'll be home all day to take care of him and train him. But what about when I do get a job? And what about Spirit? She used to be really scared of even the smallest dogs but she's a little more used to them now after having lived with my Nova Scotia family who own three dogs. Still, she's never lived in the same house with a dog - the three live with my parents and she lives in the house next door with my grandmother and brother. And this will even further delay my taking in foster cats, since I'll have to make sure Bedford (that's the pommie's name) is trained and used to cats before letting in more. The house also needs to be properly puppy-proofed and much more clean and organized than it is now. This could be seen as a form of motivation, though (now hunny, go clean your house and then we'll talk about letting you have a dog), which really is a good thing. : )

Of course, the biggest concern is Nyron. I know he would never deny something that I really had my heart set on, but I have to take him into consideration with all this. A dog is not a temperary responsibility, he'll be living with us for years. And Nyron doesn't really like small dogs. I know that this is something he's likely to object to. We'll have to sit down and talk about it, but that can probably wait until Dad's seen the owner and sussed out the situation. Until then, it's just something to think about.

Spirit comes home in 4 days!!



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