Saturday, August 04, 2007

Caught up in the Ravelry

In an echo of what pretty much everyone who has received their Ravelry invite has said, I am spending way too much time on this website! :) It's cutting into my knitting time! Normally on the weekend I'd be working on the Mystery Stole while the house is still quiet, but instead I'm reading the message boards or adding projects and yarns to my Notebook. I've even begun pattern editing, which takes up a huge amount of time, but I really enjoy. Pattern editing is going through the database of patterns and filling in any missing information. That way, when you do a project from one of the patterns in the database and you make an entry for it in your notebook, the pattern information it links to will be complete and up-to-date.

One thing that I'm finding very frustrating is that I can't add patterns. As I explained above (for those not in the Rav yet) when you create an entry for a project it links to an information page about the pattern, as long as it's a published pattern and not self-designed. However, not every pattern ever published is in the database yet, so if you are creating an entry for a project and you're the first person on Ravelry to do so, you can click on a link that will let you add the pattern to the database. For some reason, this doesn't work on my computer. I get as far as bringing up the link, but it doesn't take me to the window where I can fill in the pattern information; the link just disappears. I posted this to the Editor's group message board and Casey, one of Ravelry's creators, made a few comments, but now he seems to have moved off to other projects and forgotten about me and the other person having the same problem, because he hasn't made a comment in a few days now. Hopefully that means that he's still working on it but doesn't have anything new to add and it will be fixed soon. I have 3 projects that need pattern links and it bothers my sense of continuity to not have the entries "finished".

There is one great thing that Ravelry has done for me that I didn't expect. This morning I gathered up a bunch of my magazines to bring down to the computer to see if any of the issues still needed editing. In the process of sorting through which ones I wanted to bring down, I discovered an issue that I thought was lost. It contains the pattern for a top that I'd been working on and have finished up to the sleeves, but I lost both the magazine and my photocopy, so it's been languishing in the stash closet, contemplating its fate as a WIP that would likely end up frogged. But now that I've found the pattern, I can finally finish this top! One more FO, coming my way!

Of course, you're probably all still wondering which pattern I picked for my Debbie Bliss Cotton DK yarn. Well, I won't make you wait any longer; I've been cruel enough already. I chose Rusted Root, even though it means I'll have to buy an undershirt to wear it. I just plain like it better than Green Gable, although I've put Green Gable in my queue for someday in the future. The queue is really helping me find destinies for my stash yarn. I've found 5 possible projects for stash yarn and am constantly looking for more.

I'm continuing with my yarn diet into the fall. I'm not interesting in this month's KAL within a KAL on Stashalong so I'm going to just go 4 months without buying new yarn (although I'm allowed 1 free day each month, which is good in case I decide to work on mom's Christmas Stole). With all the projects lined up in my queue this should be a breeze!

Until next we knit!



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