Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Much ado about babies

Angela's baby shower was on Sunday, so I had to step it up on the baby knitting. I had planned to give the first blanket that I finished to Amy, since she was due first, but I haven't seen her yet and I needed something to put in a pretty gift bag for the shower so the first blanket went to Angela, instead. It'll be a while yet before I see Amy, since she lives on the other side of town, so I've got time to make up the second blanket for her. The only difference between the 2 will be that I don't have enough of the Strange Harvest colourway to do the border, so I'll do the blanket for little Grace with a green border instead.

It looked a lot nicer after I blocked it.

Of course, I had to get the baby sweater finished, too, which only meant blocking it and sewing on the buttons. I love these leather buttons that I found at Courage My Love in Kensington (absolutely THE place to get buttons in Toronto, in my humble opinion).

I'm not sure I like having such a large button-free space at the bottom; I wish I'd put in a 6th button hole (especially since the buttons came in a set of 6). But then again, it may be good for pudgy baby tummies to have some room to grow.

It felt so good to get the buttons on this sweater, that I decided to go ahead and put the buttons on Grace's sweater, too. I love the little ladybugs, again found at Courage My Love. I think it makes the sweater a little more feminine.

In the midst of all this baby knitting, I made sure not to slack in Sock Wars. I was eliminated on Friday, but not before taking out my own target! I consider that a victory, especially since I finally learned kitchener stitch in order to graft the toes! I found a video on Youtube that I was able to follow much easier than diagrams in a book. These are the socks I knit for my target:
And this is what my assassin sent me:

I know the lighting isn't very good, but I was trying to take the picture quickly this morning before I left for work (if Nyron's reading this, yes, that is what made me late this morning). I love the little skull, what a nice touch! I also got a bag of tea. Mmmmm. Tea.
I've started a cardigan twin set in wool/cashmere that I bought as a kit at the Good Buy sale at Village Yarns. It's in a lovely light yellow colour that will be perfect to wear at work this summer. I've recently realized that all of the tops I've knit for myself this past year have been in a similar shade of light yellow. I really didn't do that intentionally; light yellow isn't even one of my favourite colours! It just happened that way. I'd like to pick up Arwen again, as well, although it's quickly getting too warm to wear it this season. At least it'll be ready for the fall.
Until next we knit!


At 4:53 p.m., Blogger Sandy said...

Love the unusual colors for the baby blanket! Very bright and cheery. Question about your squares, I've crocheted lots of blankets with blocks and stitched them or crocheted them together; but haven't done that with knitting. What method of putting them together do you use? Stitching them with darning needle? Crochet them together?

Hoped over from Homespun Helpers, pop in for a visit, welcome mats always out,


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