Monday, July 25, 2005

OK, who's with blogrolling?

I recently signed up for blog rolling mainly for two things that I liked about it: being able to see who's linking to me and being able to see just by looking at my own blog who had updated theirs. But I can't get either of those features to work. I'm starting to think that the "who's linking to me" feature is only available to paying users (am I right here?) and if so, I'm ok with it. But I know i'm supposed to be able to designate newly uptaded blogs. Is anyone else out there on blogrolling who knows how to do this?

In knitting news: I've knit all the Amber Waves squares that I could out of the yellow and maroon yarn the Brian the weaver gave me and it's exactly half the number of squares I need for a blanket. Perfect! I was thinking of doing the other half in not only a different colourway but a different pattern as well, but I've decided to stick with the pattern and just find complimentary colours. I've already memorized the pattern anyway and it's quite fun, with enough variety to keep me interested and enough of a repeating pattern so that I can remember what the next round calls for.

More pictures when I have the next colourway finished.



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