Sunday, August 07, 2005

So little time to knit...

...with the family visiting. My brother's predominent way of being entertained is to play video games with me, so that doesn't leave my hands free much. Plus, I'm in that "between projects" place. I've finished crocheting all the squares for the charity blanket, but I don't have time to arrange them and start sewing them together. I don't really have a project lined up for when I finished. I was going to start on the DB's Christmas sweater, but it seems I must have packed my favourite sweater knitting book in the backpack of yarn that has dissapeared into the Royal Mail system and has yet to surface. On top of that, I have knitting group and a bookcrossing meeting (which I was planning to bring knitting to) this week and no project to bring. I guess I'll just keep making blanket squares until something else comes along. I hear the Toronto Humane Society is hard up for blankets right now; maybe I'll make some smaller ones for the animals.

So here are some progress pictures:

This is the second colourway for the blanket, green and blue. The yarn is Bernat Berella '4' left over from Knit for Kids a few years ago.

Here's Spirit, very consideratly helping to block one of the squares. Isn't she a good kitty? Of course, now that she's home I have to wash all the charity blankets I make before sending them out (expect for the ones for animals, of course) but it's worth it to have her home.

I have also received some more donated yarn through freecycle. I haven't had a chance to sort it yet, but here it is in its bag:

Some of it really needs a cleaning and some is even knit into unfinished projects that will have to be frogged. I've asked my DB to make a niddy noddy to help with stuff like this. A nostepinde would be nice, too. : )



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