Wednesday, June 18, 2008

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Saturday was super fun. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Rachel H did such a great job of setting up the 1000 Knitters Project/Yarn Harlot birthday bash. Everything ran smoothly (or at least it did from our end. I don't know if our lovely coordinators would say the same thing, since they spent most of the running around and making sure that everything ran smoothly!).

Lots of knitters showed up and veritably littered the steps of Lettuce Knit with their gorgeous selves and various works in progress.
That's Ken in the foreground (yes, The Ken, of the numerous mentions in Stephanie's blog and books), as well as my friends Marisa in the blue sweater (a whole sweater in Dream in Colour yarn!) and Kim (Indigodragonfly, who taught us colour theory and hand dyeing) in the purple stole with her back tot he camera.
Of course, Franklin was there, the man of the hour.

He was very congenial and made sure to engage each knitter in conversation while he did his thing. We talked about our connections to Eeyore, since I was wearing one of my favourite Eeyore t-shirts. He even got a peak at my Eeyore tattoo.

Of course, what would a party be without cupcakes?

The cupcakes on the right were made by Marisa and they spell out Stephanie & Franklin.

A few days before the event a knitter on Ravelry posted that she had near-mint condition copies of Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting and Knitting Lace: A Workshop by Susanna Lewis that she wanted to sell. She gave me a deal on both and dropped them off to me at Lettuce Knit.

I did do a tiny bit of shopping.

Notice there's no yarn? I am on a yarn diet, after all. I got 4 braids of wonderful blue roving (and how often is it that you find 4 matching braids of roving in the Lettuce Knit roving basket! I couldn't pass that up!), some undyed roving that I plan to dye to match my Aubergine Dream roving, this season's issue of Spin-off magazine and a Denise Interchangable soft case.

Of course, I have the case that my Denise's came in, but I've recently acquired a partial set from a woman who was doing an ultimate de-stash and gave me almost all of her knitting paraphernalia, so I wanted a case in which I could amalgamate both sets. It was a bit expensive, but my parents were in town and my dad handed me spending money on my way out the door (aren't dads who live far away great?!) so that funded the bulk of this little spree.

The blue roving will be spun and part of it used to knit my wedding garter. That way I'll have something new and something blue and if I borrow the ribbon I'll have something borrowed, too.

Until next we knit!



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